Your Final Writing Class


8 Weeks   16 Sessions

In Crown Heights, Brooklyn

With a Debonair award-winning writer, who is me, Tony Tulathimutte



In a standard workshop, you get feedback, structure, and deadlines, you meet other writers, you judge them. Which is good.

But most workshops focus narrowly on craft, at the expense of other vital skills: reading, criticism, revision, research, process, publishing, drinking, revenge, and self-loathing. MFA programs gatekeep with application fees, rec letters, and GRE scores; many charge five-figure tuition. They're often homogenous. The degree itself is worth jack. And you have to move and sell half your books and usually break up with someone (not kidding).


Basically, CRIT is a creative writing workshop, helping literary writers improve, get feedback, and meet other writers. BUT, on top of manuscript critiques and craft talks, we teach **actually useful** lessons in:

  • Close reading

  • Revision

  • Feedback and editing

  • Developing a work routine

  • Forming a writing group

  • Research + reporting

  • Ending writers' block

  • Submissions and publishing

  • Pitching articles

  • Finding an agent

  • Working with editors

  • Promotion

  • Freelancing

  • Money management


We've worked on the curriculum for years; here's what past students say, and here are the complete rules.




Most workshops meet once a week. We meet twice: one workshop / lecture, and one reading-based seminar. Each manuscript gets a minimum of 1,000 words of feedback from each other participant—18,000 words total. Sample feedback letters here.

Very Special Guests

Every session, three literary hypebeasts drop by, a mix of fiction, nonfiction, journalism, and publishing.

October Session (Oct 3 - Nov 24)

   Karan Mahajan   ,  The Association of Small Bombs  +  Family Planning

Karan Mahajan, The Association of Small Bombs + Family Planning

   Charlotte Shane   ,  Prostitute Laundry  +  N.B.

Charlotte Shane, Prostitute Laundry + N.B.

   Bijan Stephen  ,   The Nation, The Verge

Bijan Stephen, The Nation, The Verge

January Session (Jan 9 - Mar 2)

   Alice Sola Kim,   Whiting Award Winner

Alice Sola Kim, Whiting Award Winner

   Kevin Nguyen  ,  The Verge  Features Editor,  GQ

Kevin Nguyen, The Verge Features Editor, GQ

   Alexander Chee  ,  Queen of the Night + Edinburgh

Alexander Chee, Queen of the Night + Edinburgh

March Session (Mar 9 - Apr 27)

   Hermione Hoby  ,  Neon in Daylight , formerly  The Guardian

Hermione Hoby, Neon in Daylight, formerly The Guardian

   Kristen Radtke  ,  Imagine Wanting Only This  , Art Director / Deputy Publisher @  The Believer

Kristen Radtke, Imagine Wanting Only This , Art Director / Deputy Publisher @ The Believer

Financial aid

Real diversity means affordability. CRIT offers financial aid; the current fee is $700 (about $44 per class), but aid is available, strictly based on need and available funds. This helps us recruit more talented writers, who are often broke.

Form your own group

Why pay for workshops if you've already learned the basics of craft? Well, not everyone knows enough writers to form one. We'll help match you with other students; you'll have access to an alumni listserv and events. So far, four classes have gone on to form writing groups. With any luck, this will be the last class you’ll ever pay for.


Workshops are only as good as their students. Each session consists of nine serious, talented writers, from a range of styles and perspectives. No publications or degrees required, just a strong writing sample. (Also there's only one instructor, so we have to be picky 😅)

career Prep

We don't just shove you out the door when the class is over. We'll meet one-on-one to plan and set goals for your writing projects and career. Plus you'll get templates for cover letters, queries, pitches, submission trackers, professional rate calculators, invoices, and lists of publications, agencies, and useful resources.


Our readings and lessons skew toward fiction, but we welcome anything you could call creative narrative: nonfiction, longform journalism, etc. They've all got plenty in common, and it makes the workshop more inclusive and versatile.

Author Photos

You can sign up to get a professional author photo taken for $80, a fraction of the typical rate (>$1,000).

Drinking Permitted

In moderation. Workshop's more bearable that way.

Hey: apply here

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