Your Final Writing Class


Eight Weeks In Crown Heights, Brooklyn

With your Best Guy Tony Tulathimutte



In standard workshops, you get feedback and deadlines, you meet other writers, you judge them. That’s fine. But they tend to focus on craft at the expense of close reading, research, process, career, and most importantly, community. MFAs require app fees, rec letters, GRE scores, and sometimes five-figure tuition. The degree is worth jack. And you have to move and sell half your books and break up with your partner.

We offer feedback and mentoring, yes. But we also get into:

  • Close reading

  • Revision

  • Feedback and editing

  • Forming writing groups

  • Research + reporting

  • Ending writers' block

  • Book and story publishing

  • Freelancing

  • Querying agents

  • Working with editors

  • Promotion + publicity

  • Money management


We’re invested in the success of our students over the long haul, connecting them with resources and opportunities, and the CRIT community keeps in touch long after the class ends, with seasonal bookswap parties and a Slack channel. We’ve helped students pitch books, land jobs, and win awards.

Here's what past students say, and here are the complete rules.



Special Guests

Each session we invite three writers from fiction, nonfiction, journalism, and media to speak:

October Session (Oct 9 - Nov 30)

Mira Jacob   ,   Good Talk, The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing

Mira Jacob, Good Talk, The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing

Isaac Fitzgerald  ,  AM to DM, Buzzfeed Books, Pen + Ink

Isaac Fitzgerald, AM to DM, Buzzfeed Books, Pen + Ink

Jazmine Hughes  ,  NYT Magazine, The Hairpin

Jazmine Hughes, NYT Magazine, The Hairpin

January Session (Jan 8 - Feb 29)

Nicholas Mancusi  ,  A Philosophy of Ruin

Nicholas Mancusi, A Philosophy of Ruin

Alexandra Kleeman  ,  Intimations  and  You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine

Alexandra Kleeman, Intimations and You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine

Andrea Long Chu  ,  Females

PAST GUESTS: Carmen Maria Machado, Jenny Zhang, Jennifer Percy, Emma Cline, Alexandra Kleeman, Hua Hsu, Chelsea Hodson, Anna North, Kathleen Alcott, Emily Gould, Darcie Wilder, Adrian Chen, Mitchell S. Jackson, James Yeh, Jia Tolentino, Karan Mahajan, Charlotte Shane, Bijan Stephen, Alice Sola Kim, Alexander Chee, Kevin Nguyen, Leopoldine Core, Doreen St. Felix, Andrew Ridker, T Kira Madden, Evan James, Thessaly La Force

Financial aid

Real diversity means affordability. CRIT offers financial aid; the current fee is $750 (about $47 per class), but aid is available, based on need and available funds. This helps us recruit more talented cash-strapped writers.


Most writing classes are weekly. We meet twice a week: a workshop and a seminar. Each manuscript gets a minimum of 750 words of feedback from each other participant. Sample feedback letters here.

Form your own group

Why pay for workshops if you've already learned the basics of craft? Well, not everyone knows enough writers to form one. You’ll have access to an alumni listserv, Slack channel, and events. Most classes have gone on to form writing groups; hopefully, this’ll be the last class you pay for.


Workshops are only as good as their students. Each session consists of nine serious, diverse, talented writers. No publications or degrees required, just a strong writing sample. (Also there's only one instructor, so we have to be picky 😅)

career Prep

We don't just shove you out the door when the class is over. We'll meet one-on-one to plan and set goals for your writing projects and career. Plus you'll get templates for cover letters, queries, pitches, submission trackers, professional rate calculators, invoices, and lists of publications, agencies, and useful resources.


Our readings and lessons skew toward fiction, but we welcome all literary narrative prose: nonfiction, longform journalism, etc. They've got plenty in common, and it makes the workshop more inclusive and versatile.

Author Photos

CRIT students can get a proper author photo for $40, a fraction of the typical rate ($1,000+!!!). See past author photos here. The current rate for non-students is $100. Any questions, inquire here.

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